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Single Family Homes and Manufactured Homes For Sale

What is a manufactured home? Manufactured homes ARE NOT mobile homes or trailers of years past. They are built of high quality standards under controlled conditions in a modular housing factory, similar or better than “stick built” manufacturing. Most manufactured homes today are Energy Star Efficient. Energy Star Homes perform up to 30% more efficiency than homes built to the 1992 model energy code standards. Also, energy star is backed by the United States Government and a third party provides their certifications (they are inspected to meet such standards).

Manufactured homes are fully inspected and approved HUD homes. Lets discuss how they are built:

  • They start with top of the line GRADED lumber. The benefit of graded lumber is that it has a lower moisture content & fewer knots.  Lower moister helps eliminate warping and fewer knots helps increase strength. This makes superior, sub base construction.
  • 2 x 6 floor joists – built 16” on center using graded lumber. This makes an extremely strong floor base system.
  • 3/4” Cresdek floor with sanded seams. A ¾” Cresdek floor is exceptionally strong and durable and creates a dependable even floor that will last for years to come.
  • All outside walls of the homes are built with 2 x 6 graded lumber with R-19 high efficiency insulation. 2 x 6 sidewalls have more depth than of previously built 2 x 4 walls with only R-11 insulation at that time.
  • Outside 2 x 6 walls are covered with OSB sheathing and covered with wind wrap. The OSB sheathing increases sidewall strength and the overall structure of the pre-manufactured home. The wind wrap serves as a barrier and helps eliminate drafts.
  • The roof is built of trusses and rafters with blown insulation and attic baffles with some homes up to an R-40 insulation value.
  • Electric service is the same or better than stick built homes and meet or exceed the National Electric Code (NEC). You can get homes built to spec with a 100 or 200 AMP service just like stick built homes.
  • High efficiency Furnaces, High efficiency Water Heaters, & High efficiency Air Conditioning systems are all included with our Manufactured Homes.
  • High performance insulated glass windows, tight insulated heating/cooling ducts, with air tight construction and high efficiency insulation equal High Efficiency Manufactured Homes.

These are some of the construction improvements of the present Manufactured Homes that are built to your specification. These are HIGH QUALITYproducts that are now standard for the Manufactured home industry. These homes of today are not the mobile homes of the past.  They are high quality homes of today!

These homes are built indoors in a climate controlled factory, away from damaging weather. This brings the quality of the materials to a new level and increases the craftsmanship of the labor from normal stick built homes due to harsh climates from the outdoors. You owe it to yourself to look at one of our homes and compare price and quality to a standard stick built home, YOU’LL BE VERY PLEASED AND HAPPY YOU DID!

Please contact Terri at (845) 297-2109 EXT. 25 or email: Also to find out more about our manufacturer, visit the Colony Factory Crafted Homes website.

Below are a few floor plans – Click on any one to see a higher resolution.